Costa Cruise

The authentic international cruise ship departing from Korea




The moment you get on a magnificent and fabulous cruise ship, you’ll will be overwhelmed by the atmosphere of Italy!
Panstar, a Korean PSA agent at Costa Cruise of Carnival Group, the world's largest cruise company, guides you to the world of the most comfortable and most dynamic cruise.
The most convenient cruise, which doesn’t need to fly far abroad, offers everything you need, from luxurious menus specially prepared for Koreans to sophisticated entertainment and exotic port-of-call excursion programs.
With PanStar's cruise specialist, Costa Cruise is the best tour that makes everything possible, not only for large business events, but also for couples and family trips and events to celebrate special days in life.

  • 1#1 Cruise Brand in Europe

    Founded in 1854 in Italy, Costa Cruise is Europe's No. 1 cruise brand with 13 cruise ships.
    PanStar charter Costa's cruise ship or purchase cabins as a hard block, customizing the sale to meet customer needs.

  • 2Various and exciting cruise itineraries

    Various and exciting exotic itineraries departing from the cruise ports in Korea are ready to sail out.; East Sea Rim Voyage departs from Korea and goes to Russia and Japan; Yellow Sea Voyage goes to northeastern China; Southern Far East Voyage goes to Taiwan and Okinawa islands in Japan.

  • 3Exciting onboard programs

    Cruise's enjoyment continues around the clock, with delicious food from all over the world, European-style entertainment, and fun onboard programs that the whole family can enjoy together.

Costa Cruises operates various cruise routes connecting Korea, China, Japan, Russia, and Taiwan.
(Itineraries may change every year)
  • Busan - Fukuoka - Maizuru - Kanazawa
    - Sakata - Aomori - (At Sea) - Busan

  • Busan - Jeju - Kagoshima - Fukuoka - Maijuru
    - Kanazawa - Sakaiminato - Busan

  • Busan - Fukuoka - Maizuru - Kanazawa - Busan

  • Busan - Fukuoka - Hamada - Maizuru
    - Kanazawa - Busan

  • Busan - Fukuoka - Maizuru - Kanazawa - Niigata
    - Hakodate - (At Sea) - Busan

  • Busan - (At Sea) - Keelung - Miyakojima
    - (At Sea) - Busan